Editorial team

Sarah Laseke, Leiden University


I am currently a doctoral researcher at Leiden University. My thesis considers modes and meaning of scribal collaboration in fifteenth century Middle English manuscripts.

I hold a BA in English Literature / minor in Medieval & Renaissance Studies from the University of Groningen. I completed my MSt in Medieval English Literature at the University of Oxford in 2013. My MSt dissertation assessed the notion of scribal professionalism in three manuscripts of the Awntyrs off Arthure.

Katherine Sedovic, Trinity College Dublin


Katherine is currently completing her PhD in medieval art history at Trinity College Dublin. Katherine’s thesis focusses on connections between the sacred and secular in fourteenth-century French Arthurian illuminated manuscripts and ivory caskets. In terms of collaborative production processes, Katherine is interested in the textual to visual translation of the Arthurian legends: What would this process have entailed? Was there cooperation between several artists, or perhaps between the artist and patron? The possible cross-medium sharing of visual models between manuscript illuminators and ivory carvers is a further topic of interest. Katherine previously completed her Master of Studies in Art History at the University of Oxford, with a dissertation on the marginalia of an early fourteenth-century French psalter.